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We work with you on your need to access or create science that is used.

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Review and assess your science and research capability, and its ability to influence.

E.g., EPA Victoria Strategic Science Reform & Restructure 2011-2014.

Frame, plan and deliver citizen science initiatives.

E.g.,​Sea Search

Create science communication framing, inputs and products.

Many and varied examples including Rock Pool Follies (a stop-motion claymation) created Gozer for the Melbourne Zoo ‘Wild Sea’enclosure; and science magazine pieces (e.g., Ecos). Please ask for details of many others.

Co-design scientific programs and delivery with diverse stakeholder groups.

E.g., Latrobe Valley Air Network co-design.


Facilitate and build research plans, programs and strategies.

E.g., ​EPA Victoria Research & Development Strategy 2013-16​


Decode and frame science for management, planning, and regulation.

E.g., Inputs to successful Category 2 grants and Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs) at The University of Melbourne and other major Australian Universities. Please ask for details.

Do reviews and planning for decision-makers needing science.

Advice and guidance for science and expertise for large decisions (e.g., regulatory, business, natural resource management).

Examples include targeted regulatory, natural resource management and conservation science inputs. Please ask for details.

* Links include successful past service delivery by Founder & Principal, Dr Anthony Boxshall.

We drive practical strategy through to actual solutions.

We work with you on your need to access or create science that is used.

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