Science Impact in a time of Covid-19

Science into Action moved delivery across all three of our headline services online. We built on a history of using online tools for delivery pre-COVID. 

We have an active commitment to delivery that is Covid-19 safe.

This commitment follows 4 simple principles.


  • Evidence-based. We follow the latest evidence-based advice from Australian Health Authorities and World Health Organisation.

  • Promote Collaboration. We will actively use online tools in a way that promotes collaboration from all participants.

  • Simple & Safe Tools. While we have preferred online platforms for engagements and collaborations, we understand that all organisations have internal security and other preferences and we will fit to your online environment. As standard, Science into Action currently uses Zoom as the primary convening platform (with the highest security preferences selected), a number of different tools (including Google Slides) as collaborative / deliberative platforms and Menti as one of our analytical, decisional, and reflective platforms. We have used most of the common (and some not so common!) platforms in current use. And we update our tools based on live feedback!

  • Safe Interactions. If we meet in person, we will follow all local  physical distancing and hygiene recommendations. We also commit to providing easily accessible and simple soft copy documentation to minimise possible vectors for transmission of viruses. When hard-copies of documents are required, Science into Action has a suggested Covid-19 safe process to follow.

Please visit our headline services for more information of what is possible still in a time of Covid-19.

Advisory Services

We drive practical strategy through to actual solutions.

Capability Building

We build leaders (of people & thought) who know how to use science.

Impact Facilitation & Moderation

We complete the process of science by making influential.

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