Impact Facilitation & Moderation

Your meetings and events involving science can make more impact. Science impact equals increased benefits to you.

We complete the process of science by making it influential.

We want your science to have an impact because we are in business of making positive social change.

Meetings & Events with science impact

Moderate or facilitate meetings and events involving science and technical complexity to get the most benefit for you.


Communicating the NSW Marine Estate performance measures - supporting Aither


Interactive Science Events

Create (and moderate) Q&A style science interactive events.

Create (and facilitate) events that showcase scientific use and advances.


Public Science Lecture: Science of Climate Adaptation - Government House Victoria 2019

MC Science events

MC and lead science events (public or private) to maximize impact.


"World's Most Liveable City" - Panel Discussion: Science Week 2017

Waste Away - the Future of Garbage EPA Science Week 2018

Science for Leadership decisions

Facilitate your leadership group (Board, Executive, Management) to break through the technical and into solving the real issues.


Future Thinking Forum - Royal Society Victoria

Teams and Science

Facilitate group strategic (and tactical) planning and team-building sessions. 


Renew Australia Board

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