Science Impact Boot Camps

Influence​ Thought Leadership

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Science Impact Boot Camps are intensive sessions for scientists or decision-makers wanting to increase their influence and impact with science.

Science Impact Boot Camps for researchers re intensive sessions that build on your capabilities and strengths to maximize your impact, and the impact of your science, outside the University environment.

Science Impact Boot Camps for decision-makers are intensive sessions that focus on building on your capabilities and strengths to maximize the impact of science in your decision-making. 

Modular in format, the 1 or 2-day (or more) Boot Camps focus on core capabilities needed by scientists or decision-makers to become influencers and thought leaders.

Open the Boot Camp Brochure for the latest information on format, delivery partners and costs.

Science into Action is a science impact practice whose mission is to improve the use, understanding and uptake of science and expertise to benefit you.