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ACT Environment, Planning & Sustainable Development - Environment Division Science Plan 2020

The Environment Division of the ACT Environment, Planning & Sustainable Development Directorate required leadership mentoring of a key leader aimed at ultimately producing a new Science Plan to commence in 2020. The new plan required broader internal ownership, sharpened themes, deeper end-user focus and wider stakeholder involvement than previous plans. The project was part of a broader reform process following senior leadership change.

What we did

  • Worked directly with the key leader and her leadership team under the sponsorship of the Executive Director to build a reform agenda.

  • Facilitated internal workshops with key players across the broader business who were ‘users’ of the science. We also involved crucial external stakeholders.

  • Assisted with leadership change and pathways for increased impact for the science.

The Result

Following our engagement in 2018 framing the leadership needs, reform options, evolved science themes and pathways for improved internal impact, new internal leadership drove the production of a clear and very focused final Science Plan 2020. Click here for the excellent interactive storyboard later created to describe the final Plan.


Contact us


+61 (0) 418 393 489


PO Box 46, Fairfield VIC Australia 3078

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