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Strategy & Solutions

Pathways for impact

We design pathways from science to real public value. We frame science so that decision makers in government, industry and the wider community can use it. We produce science communications that reach people.

Strategies for action

We work with you to develop plans, programs and strategies that will be effective in complex stakeholder environments, and also realise the opportunities inherent in scientific and technical knowledge.

Successful programs

We believe in learning from experience. We'll evaluate past projects and programs so that you know what works and you should keep doing. We'll also assess your organisation’s capability to deliver public value and what you might need to start doing.

Meaningful citizen science

We design citizen science initiatives that engage communities, foster resilient relationships, and produce valuable information for your programs.

Getting science into decisions

We lead reviews and planning for decision makers embedding science in their decisions. We assess the current science and technical literature, draw out what is relevant, and advise on opportunities.

Capability Building

Leaders comfortable with complexity

We mentor leaders who are open to the opportunities opened up by science and keen to explore them in their organisation. We work with leaders of experts, scientists and technical people so they perform at their best, and with senior leaders to maximise the impact of science.

Co-design science programs

We work with you to co-design science programs for better outcomes with diverse stakeholder groups.

Influential scientists

We work with you to design your decision-making processes so they include the necessary science, and lead to better decisions. We also assess your organisation's science and research capability and show where you need to build the capability you need to achieve your objectives.

Science Impact Boot Camps

We run intensive sessions for scientists and decision makers who want to make sure science has more impact and creates more public value.


Impact Facilitation & Moderation

Better decisions

We work with your board, executive, and management to make decisions involving science or technical complexity.

Meetings and events with real science impact

We moderate events and facilitate meetings where complex science and technical knowledge needs to be at the table. We facilitate strategic and tactical planning and team-building sessions and Chatham-House style collaborations.

Interactive science events

We create and moderate interactive events that showcase advances in science and how it is being used to create public value.

MC Science events

We MC and lead public and private science events to maximise their impact.


Authentic Co-design


Science into Action has partnered with Max Hardy and Susan Carter, from Max Hardy Consulting and The Community Studio respectively, to bring you Authentic Co-design – a better way to deliver complex projects, build trust and involve multiple stakeholders to produce public value. Find out more about Authentic Co-design here.


Contact us


PO Box 46, Fairfield VIC Australia 3078

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