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Heads of EPAs (HEPA) Science Action Plans

Building on the draft HEPA science action plans initially created via the Inaugural HEPA Science Symposium, the need was for further development, refinement and detailed action planning to finalise investment-ready Action Plans on


What we did

  • Refined the scientific priorities with HEPA members into a short list of crucial priorities, for which Action Plans were created. Smaller sub-committees were created to finalise the action planning.

  • Supported the sub-groups to achieve their goals, including coordinating small online or in-person workshops over a 3-5 month period to create drafts and rework into more final documents.

  • Supported the newly created HEPA Science Sub-committee to form and operate as a decision-making body to refine the Action Plans for tabling at HEPA meetings.

The Result

The actual priority projects and action plans are not currently public documents as they are internal plans for EPAs, however the priorities fit into the over-arching strategy for HEPA which is public and can be viewed or downloaded here.


Contact us


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