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SECCCA Enhancing Community Resilience to climate change

Funded by the Minderoo Foundation, the Enhancing Community Resilience Project aimed to prepare communities in the South East Councils Climate Change Alliance (SECCCA) region for current and future changes to the climate, by improving community preparedness through practical actions, tools, and resources.

SECCCA required support with formative evaluation and adaptive Governance and evaluation of this project leading to a Toolkit for other Councils to use to run similar projects in the future. The project was a large multi-stakeholder project involving technical experts, Council officers and community members at times co-designing solutions. The approach used was Authentic Co-design.


What we did

  • Working with the SECCCA executive, and Project Control Group, we delivered the  formative evaluation to support adaptive Governance given the novel nature of this project.

  • We engaged Scientell to support the creation of the Toolkit to promote the process to other Council officers nationally.

  • We supported the SECCCA executive with sub-contractors with required capabilities to deliver elements of the project, including Authentic Co-design, Social media support and videography (Stepping Stone Films).

The Result


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