Founder & Principal

Dr Anthony Boxshall speaks

Science, Government and English.

He helps science have impact. 

Our Mission


As the Founder & Principal of Science into Action Pty Ltd, his mission is to improve the use, understanding and uptake of science, technology and technical expertise.


He works with creators and users of science to demystify how to turn it purposefully into action.

Anthony's Story...


He is an experienced Executive and Board level scientific leader with expertise in environmental, conservation and climate adaptation science and the practical application of science for decision-making. He has a science PhD, is a qualified Board Director (Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors) and a member of the Institute of Learning Professionals. He is a Melbourne Enterprise Fellow at the University of Melbourne one day/week.

He works in the strategic decision-making space, often assisting decision-makers to align the delivery and content of strategies so they can be implemented and used… so they make impact. He coaches leaders and helps others see signal in the noise to cut through for delivery. He is a strong, clear, and accountable facilitator whose primary aim is to leave his clients with both the content, and the strategy for their next steps. He has made a career of demystifying science for communities and all non-scientists. He is adept at co-design processes to enable clear decision-making that brings along all stakeholders.

A marine ecologist by trade, he has worked in Australia and the USA across Government, academia and private industry.

He is the Inaugural Chair of the Victorian Marine & Coastal Council. As the valedictory Chair of the Victorian Coastal Council he guided the Council through a period of fundamental change. From this he has a deep and practical understanding of the complexities facing decision-makers creating impact across multiple sectors.


He is a qualified Company Director and has been on several innovation Boards, including the successful Victorian Centre for Sustainable Chemical Manufacturing. He is a former National President of the Australian Marine Sciences Association, Australia's peak professional marine science body.

He has successfully worked at UC Santa Cruz USA, Deakin University, and established the marine science program at Parks Victoria following the creation of marine protected areas in Victoria, Australia.

As a a Melbourne Enterprise Fellow (Associate Professor) in the School of Biosciences at the University of Melbourne one day per week he focuses on integrating science into decision-making.

He ran the science part of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) in Victoria for nearly a decade through a period of transformation and growth. Hence he understands intimately the need for clear and relevant science-based strategies for broad audiences within a complex organisational, media and/or political environment.

As a hobby he has been communicating the wonders of the marine environment through the award-winning “Radio Marinara” on 3RRR-FM in Melbourne for nearly 24 years. He loves turning science into action wherever he can.

He has a strong commitment to delivering public value outcomes, and the experience in the public sector to make it work.

He draws on his deep leadership, scientific, innovation and communication skills and experience to help you get the most impact from your science, engineering and technical expertise.


As a thriving micro-business, we work seamlessly with a broad range of excellent collaborators to expand our capability and capacity. We chose to only work with highly skilled and expert people and companies to ensure that you get the quality and scale you need.

Patrick O’Callaghan - Deliberate Impact

Principal of Deliberate Impact, Patrick O’Callaghan helps government agencies & authorities, non-profits, and social enterprises to plan, sharpen and realise their impact. Clear goals, solid plans, awesome programs and calculated steps. All carefully tailored to achieve the things you exist to achieve.

Decades of program development experience and leadership roles in cause-based organisations, government agencies, statutory authorities, enterprise startups and the wild world of consulting have given Patrick a quiver of powerful insights and street-smarts that he loves sharing around.

Melanie Turner - Plan to Perform

With over 15 years’ experience in strategy, organisation development and business planning including integration with performance management frameworks and alignment to business deliverables, Melanie is an expert is organisational performance. She has worked with national, state and local governments as, and small to medium businesses. 

Melanie leads, facilitates and mentors senior leaders, leadership teams and subject matter experts to gain clarity and get results for their organisations. She has a broad experience in participatory approaches that allow people to provide their input and expertise to a product that they can own and buy into.


With the motto “Science, in other words”, Scientell are brilliant science communicators and marketers with decades of experience in the field. Scientell distils technical information into clear text for non-scientific audiences such as policy-makers.


They are also experienced at writing for young people. Scientell specialises in planning and implementing communication strategies for scientific, environmental and technical agencies. Find out more about their services and clients here, and meet the Scientell team here


Susan Carter - The Community Studio 

Susan is a community and stakeholder engagement specialist. She’s worked with science, environment, planning, regulation, and infrastructure organisations to manage their community and stakeholder issues and build organisational capability to work effectively with stakeholders. Susan has developed strategy that has calmed angry people down, built relationships and achieved time, cost and stress savings for organisations and the community. 

She’s passionate about helping others improve their engagement skills. 

Max Hardy - Max Hardy Consulting

Max Hardy is one of Australia’s foremost experts in co-design and deliberative processes and a highly sought after facilitator.  Renowned internationally for his skillful design and facilitation of community and stakeholder engagement processes, Max has developed innovative models for collaboration, for which he has won numerous national and international awards.


Max Hardy specialises in collaborative governance, process and solution co-design, appreciative inquiry, strategic questioning, collective impact and designing, facilitating and evaluating deliberative community engagement processes. He also co-facilitated Australia’s first Citizens’ Parliament and facilitated a world café session at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Sydney.


As a Master Trainer for IAP2 Max co-designed and facilitated two training academies in 2006 and 2008, in Alberta Canada, and Edinburgh, UK respectively, and in May 2019 delivered training in five cities across Canada. 

Ros Williamson – Williamson Solutions

The Director of Williamson Solutions Ltd, Ros is a deeply experienced change management consultant, organisational development leader, senior HR professional, group facilitator, executive coach and mentor.


Ros is an enthusiastic, caring, client focused professional who fosters authentic, meaningful conversations to improve work design, performance and relationships. Flexible and resourceful in the facilitation of change and collaboration that contributes to the achievement of successful outcomes for individuals, teams and organisations.

Tanya Allan - CALM Agency

Dr Tanya Allan is a Strategic Communications Professional with a vast range of experience across a number of media sectors in many countries. She is the Co-Founder of CALM Agency. As a former ABC Foreign Correspondent, Senior Journalist, Producer, and Broadcaster Tanya led international projects across the Asia Pacific region including covering the Beijing Olympics in 2008.


CALM is a communications agency with strategic focus. They want to build better workplaces to enjoy strong reputation, clear processes, the right tools and the right people so that everyone has a positive experience. Grounding their work in their deep experience in strategic communications planning, crisis management, corporate and government affairs, strategic engagement, transformation methods and media relations, they create great value by applying Buzz-ER’s tools and insights. They have worked with the world’s best, the biggest brands, and hold strong, long-running partnerships – working with people to make their business great.

David Broadbent - Broadbent Media Services

David is Principal of Broadbent Media Services offering, amongst other things, high-end Media Training, Video production, Presentation Training and Media Engagement. As one of Australia’s most highly respected media veterans, David is an experienced television and print journalist with a career spanning 35 years. He has been a Federal Politics Reporter, Queensland Correspondent and Victorian State Political Reporter (Fairfax Media) as well as Director of News (Channel 7). What David does not know about the media is not worth knowing.

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